Access was started with a passion to invest, support and help grow strong and sustainable businesses. Each startup journey is complicated by many pitfalls and hurdles and requires a team effort to navigate for success, and we plan to be key part of that team.
I started my career as a lawyer and investment banker for the first 14 years of my career. Thereafter, I have had roles as a CFO, CSO, M&A APAC Head, entrepreneur and adtech APAC growth leader before focusing on early stage investing. We understand the various challenges faced by entrepreneurs and have the experience and network to help. One of our key networks that we leverage is Google, where I lead APAC M&A for 5 years. Ex-Googlers are pervasive throughout the ecosystem, and we are fortunate to have many as our investors, advisors/ mentors and entrepreneurs.
- Charles Rim, General Partner
In my 25+ years in finance and investment banking, I have witnessed several cycles of booms and busts. Venture capital is no different in this regard. I’ve learnt what truly matters is having a long term perspective and focusing on the right fundamentals. Leveraging the network of key players I’ve made throughout my career, I believe Access can add true value to the visionary founders that are striving to change the world. Access Ventures does not merely mean access to capital; we are a connection to a rich and cooperative ecosystem.
- John Chang, General Partner